Rounds Artwork.jpg

East London’s rising rap talent Ayar has thrown his latest jam our way to premiere. Ayar’s been making a name for himself in the rap game with his poetic rap stylings, detailed narratives and soulful backing beats – it’s a sound that takes in a variety of genres and influences from grime to hip hop and comes out sounding something like The Streets meets King Krule.

Ayar released his first mixtape, the excellently titled Good Could Be Better, back in 2011 when he was just 16-years-old, with Off The Corner following in 2015 and Patterns dropping in 2016.

Those who have been tracking Ayar’s progress since day one will have been on a journey of real artist growth that looks more than likely to pay off in 2017 as he takes things next level. The first taste of 2k17’s new material from Ayar is ‘Rounds’, a track that he told us deals with “how real obstacles don’t keep you in circles, invented ones do” – deep.


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